Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 6 {Your day}

I had a fabulous day today. This morning our neighbor invited us to go for a walk. I had tons to do and Shelby was still in bed, so lil man went with them. I finished cleaning up the dishes from last night, and vacuumed the house. My husband had a class so after it was over he came home for lunch.

My parents arrived about five minutes after he left to go back to work. Our neighbor came over to meet my parents, they brought a gift for her baby girl who is in the NICU. After our visit we went to Kroger's to  buy the ingredients to make homemade chili, because that's what my husband wanted for dinner.

My Daddy helped me by opening all of the canned items while I chopped up the onions,garlic,and peppers. My mom helped stir the meat until it was browned. {I always cook the meat and then drain the fat, so that its a little healthier as opposed to just putting the raw meant and everything else in all at once} Shortly after that my husband arrived home, we all ate. Then I started getting our little ballerina ready for her dance class. She looked ever so cute. Then my parents left because they were going to stop by my aunt's house on the way home.

I dropped her off at ASD, then went to get gas. I went home after that until it was time to go pick her up. After I picked her up we went to the mall to find a hairbow to match her beautiful Straussburg dress that Mrs.Kathy bought for her back in the summer. I wasn't able to find matching ribbon or I would have made my own bow. I couldn't have found a better bow  than the one I found at Hair Holiday in the mall. I'm ever so excited about having their Christmas photos made tomorrow. My friend bought us the gift certificate to have their photos made. Plus our friend Kathy had bought both of them an outfit back in the summer, so it's only costing me the price of the bow $3.99! I can't wait!

When we were at the hairbow store there was a lady in there who noticed my call my daughter Shelby. She looked at me and said that her granddaughter was also named Shelby. She said that she didn't know of another Shelby. She also said that her granddaughter lives overseas because her father is in the military.  I think it is a rare name. I told her that my Shelby was named after Carroll Shelby. Carroll is the owner of Shelby Customs in Las Vegas. He  also created the Shelby  Mustang, the Shelby Cobra, and Terlingua Racing.  She said her granddaughter is also named after Carroll Shelby. I think its awesome!

Carroll Shelby

Mr. Shelby

My daughter was also named after Lauren Conrad. You may know her from Laguna Beach. She is better known for the hit series called ''The Hills'' I absolutely love the show! I own almost all of the season's on DVD, and her books. Lauren is classy, sophisticated, beautiful, intelligent, she's a great clothing designer among many other things. So now you know the story of how Shelby Lauren got her name.

Lauren Conrad

Then we went to Wal-Mart to get popcorn seeds. Baby girl and I arrived home, and we made popcorn. I fixed myself a margarita. We all enjoyed the popcorn together while watching X-Factor, which is still on. Gotta love that show!

Overall I have had a fabulous day, with my family. I'm thankful for this day. November is the month for giving thanks, so I thank God and my family for such a lovely day. Even the weather was nice!


  1. Aww, yay! I'm glad you had a great day! Love the story behind Shelby's name. :) I can't wait to tell my future children why I picked their names. :P

  2. I can't wait until you become a mommy!