Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22 {Something that upsets you}

Abortion upsets me very much. I believe that life begins with conception. I believe that if a person is old enough to think they are ''mature'' enough to have sex then they should also be prepared. Just because someone isn't ready for a baby doesn't give them the right to terminate that child. How could anyone be so cold and cruel? There are thousands of people who want to adopt a child. Why not give someone else a chance at happiness?

It also upsets me when people have kids and don't take care of them. Children deserve the best chance at life. They deserve to be treated with respect, yet be disciplined when need be. They deserve good memories. Children don't deserve to be abused or molested or murdered. I don't understand why we keep seeing all these stories on tv about parents killing their child because they think life is better without them. Don't want the child, or can't afford to care for it then give it to someone who can give them the life they deserve.

There are thousands of people who so desperately want to have a child of their own and will never get that. So the next best thing is adoption. This whole situation gets me really upset, so before I get all worked up I will leave it at that.

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