Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doesn't mix well with alcohol

My  precious baby girl learned to swim Sunday night without having to hold onto anyone. I'm so very PROUD of her!!!! We had a couple of friends over this afternoon to join us for a swim. They were amazed at how independent she was acting. She doesn't want anyone to touch her or try to play with her. She is super proud of herself. We were enjoying ourselves so much. Colt got crabby and went upstairs to take a nap with his Daddy. Later on Jerry had to be at work so Colt came back to join us in the pool.

We were all having a good time. This guy who lives at our apartment complex came to the pool. He seemed friendly enough. We enjoyed a small conversation with him. He had a type of sports bottle with him with a blue liquid inside. I could smell a faint hint of alcohol. I wasn't certain so I didn't say anything right away.

He picked Shelby up {she is three years old and today was only her second day of swimming on her own} he launched her in the air and  threw her across the pool! (Watch out y'all mama bear is about to attack) He could have EASILY miscalculated and threw her on the edge of the pool and hurt her very bad! Not to mention the fact why the hell would you pick up a three year old whom you have never met and throw her????  By this time our friends had gone home, and a neighbor had joined us. He realized what a mistake he had made and apologized to both Shelby and I which was pointless because I was infuriated!

Our neighbor was holding both Colt and Shelby. I got out to call my husband. I forgot that he was in a meeting. So I called another officer. He was very nice and said he would be right there. I hung up the phone and then the drunk man was holding my son! WTF!!!! I said .....

me~I would appreciate it if you would stay away from my children.

drunk~ What?


drunk~ what's wrong with you? I'm not drunk!

me~ I'm not stupid yes you are so stay the hell away from my kids

He got out of the pool grabbed his towel, ipod and float and staggered off like an idiot.

The guy was being vulgar,rude, and was going to bust his head open if he continued to jump in the pool trying to land on his float or even worse hurt one of the five small kids that were in the pool!

The drunk guy left a can next to his chair. It was one of those four loko drinks! The officer arrived shortly after and by this time I looked up which apartment he lived in. The officer picked up the can and started towards the man's apartment.

Within five minutes he came back. He said the drunk man was in the process of walking back to the pool. He asked him for his i.d. the guy said sure and went inside his apartment and got  a military id. Turns out his name is Bryant he is 25 and he is a lieutenant in the Army. (his father is a Colonel  and brother is a lieutenant and  are both medical doctors for the Army) He was so drunk that he didn't even realize that in the short journey from the pool to his apartment he had injured himself. The officer asked him why his foot was gushing blood and he didn't even know it was bleeding. He advised Bryant that he should remain in his apartment and sleep it off because he was highly intoxicated at this point. The officer was very nice, and told me if there were any more problems to call him back on his cell.

We decided to stay at the pool for a while longer. Finally we had been in for well over four hours. I got the babies out cleaned and dressed. We ordered pizza, and by this time my husband was at home. All of a sudden we hear a pounding sound. It stops, then starts again. I step outside, and its the drunk beating on the downstairs neighbors door and peering through their windows. I went inside and told my husband. He went downstairs to deal with him. He tried to weasel his way out of it by saying 'you have a beautiful wife'' (hahahaha this guy is EXTREMELY DRUNK) My husband dealt with him and came back home to enjoy being with his family!

Alcohol and water don't mix. He could have easily hurt himself or an innocent child. I understand people wanting to have a good time,but this is ridiculous! STAY at home and get drunk if that's what you choose to do! Don't do it around children! I really hope he wakes up tomorrow and realizes what a complete fool he made of himself and apologizes. Not that it would matter. I hope that he gets his pool privileges taken away permanently! Or better yet doesn't get to renew his lease. It's sad that people can't enjoy a nice evening with their kids and friends because of stupid people like him. I'm still mad about the whole situation!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spider . . . .

Normally the babies are up by 8. Princess  was still asleep well after 10, I figured I would just let her sleep. No harm in that right? When my sweet princess finally woke up {in a not so sweet mood} she didn't even want me holding her or touching her, or even talking to her. Which made me feel helpless. She sat in the floor crying, and peed on herself. She never does that. I kept asking her what was wrong & she said ''it hurts'' and showed me a large lump on her shoulder. I also noticed she was covered in a rash.

I immediately called her pediatrician. She was on vacation, and the other doctor was only going to be there half a day. The only appointment was at 11:15. Its a half hour drive, and it was already a quarter til. Plus I had to get the babies ready to go. I rushed to get them ready and in the car.

We got there and sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, then got called back to a room. The nurse came in to ask what was going on with her. I explained it to her. She left and we began the wait, which took a good half hour or longer. We made good use of the time by reading books, and fidgeting with the gadgets on the wall. The doctor finally came in and looked her over. He said that the lump on her shoulder was a spider bite, and the rash was due to an allergic reaction. He gave us the info. on what cream to use on the rash because it was itchy. And how much medicine to give her etc.

There is no telling when the actual bite occurred, since we have had a busy week. Botanical Gardens, Water park, shopping, who knows. It makes me think twice about wanting another tarantula! I will just stick the the memories of the one I had five years ago. I hope she is over it soon! I hate seeing my little angel like this!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Date Night! Yeah!

My husband and I had a rare date night. A friend offered to keep the babies. Jerry had already taken off work so that he could stay home with the babies, while I was to attend the monthly Rocket City Mustang Club meeting. So since we had a free sitter we made the most of it and went to a concert.

It was at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It was to benefit Tools For Schools. {Its a local organization that takes up school supplies and distributes them to the kids who wouldn't normally be able to afford them}

Admission was a donation of school supplies. We each took a bag, each bag had the same items.

We were excited to see The Eli Young Band, The JaneDear Girls, and Steve Holy!
I have always loved the song ''Good morning beautiful'' by Steve Holy. I got a little teary eyed listening to him sing it in person {he was only feet away from us}, while holding my husband's hand.  It was an awesome concert! We even ran into a couple of friends from the mustang club, who also ditched the meeting!

After the concert we went to dinner at T.G.I. Friday's. We have been going there for six years, its always our first choice! So occasionally they will throw in a discount! Its nice to know that being a loyal customer is appreciated! Its rare these days! Our dinner was free! 

    The Eli Young Band
                                                  The JaneDear Girls
                                  Danelle Leverett of The JaneDear Girls
                                     Susie Brown of The JaneDear Girls
    Steve Holy

  • Free concert + free dinner + date night = AWESOME!!!!

  • Monday, July 18, 2011

    A day at the garden

    Today I took the babies to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to see Tremendous Tree houses with a ''Splash''
    • We all had a blast! We were there for over five hours.
    • We took our time at each tree house, or water feature.
    • They have lots of new features.  I especially liked the ''storybook garden'', it reminds me of ''The Secret Garden'' {loved that book/movie as a child}
    • I made sure to put sunscreen on the babies, yet forgot to put it on myself. So I look like a lobster! 
    •  If you are ever in the Huntsville area, make sure to stop by there. It's a blast & so worth it!
    • Anyways here are a few photos from our adventures at HBG today!

                                                     Ships Ahoy Treehouse
                                                            Waterlilly garden
                                   I have no idea what flower this is but I really like it!
                                                                 clover flowers
                                              ''Not in Kansas Anymore'' Treehouse
                                                          Inside the butterfly house
                                                           Monarch butterfly
                                                                lazy turtle
                                                   found this turtle digging a burrow
    They have a cage full of beautiful canaries. This one managed to get stuck under this container. I told the employee's there & they saved him! Yay!
    This is a beautiful flower. Really reminds me of the flower in the movie Tangled!
                                                     The Three Little Bear's bed's
                                                             Sunflower maze
                                                       The Storybook Garden

    Racism = stupidity

    I went for a walk yesterday before going swimming with my family. I overheard a woman and her child outside. They were pretending to play out different scenario's. The daughter pretended to say ''hello'' to her mommy who was pretending to be a ''strange man''. The mother's response ''I'm a black man, why are you talking to a black man? We don't talk to black people''.

    What is wrong with this world? Why would any parent teach their child that? Ive always said racism isn't something a person is  born with its something they are taught.  Racism is stupid, and in my opinion is the most severe form of stupidity. Simply to hate a person you don't even know because of their skin color? Or religion,sexuality,ethnicity..............its pretty stupid. There are bad people all over the world. There are bad white people, bad black people,bad purple people, just like every other race out there. Every race has its good and its bad. You can't judge a whole entire race based on a few bad people.

    I'm not a racist person. I trust very few people. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at being someones friend. If your nice to me, I'm nice to you no matter what race,religion,sexuality. It's not my place to judge anyone based on those things. I don't see a person based on their color, I see them for who they are as a person based on their character. If they happen to be a good person, that's great! If not I'm not going to hate them. I simply choose to not let that person be a part of my life, because I don't want bad people around my children.

    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    April's Fury

    April 27th, 2011 ~ My husband was at work, my children and I were at home. We live in an upstairs apartment, so I had a bag ready for them in case we had to leave. My daughter who was 2 at the time, said she needed her bible & wouldn't let go of it. At one point my husband called me and said that a tornado was on the ground & for us to get downstairs to the laundry room where we would be safe. I went and looked out the kitchen window and watched as the tornado headed northeast. Probably a stupid thing to do,but I didn't feel like we were in danger since it was traveling in the opposite direction. The power went out & my husband was held over after his shift was over. He came home from work almost 7 hours late. The babies went from room to room trying to make the t.v.'s and the lights work. They kept telling me to fix it, not understanding that it was something that was completely out of my control. They also didn't understand the whole candle thing & kept blowing them out. The whole house felt hot and sticky. The next morning I packed a bag to go stay with my brother and his family. There was no way I could stay at home for days with two toddlers, and no power. I ended up staying there for five days before my husband called to tell me that we had power again. During the almost two hour drive to my brothers house all I could see was tornado damage, literally in every town I drove through. I was low on gas, and due to the power being out couldn't find an open gas station. I ended up parked on the side of the road in Snead waiting for my brother to bring gas for me and the babies. During my stay with my brother's family, I went to Shoal Creek to see the damage there. It was like a war zone. My sister-in-law and I bought items to donate to the victims, and went there and passed them out. Sunday I went to church with them, and sat there crying after all I had seen in the pat few days with full gratitude that all of my family was safe. My husband was put on 12 hour shifts, with no regular lunch hour, and off days were taken away. Its the longest time I have ever been away from my husband in the entire time that I have known him. Once I was back home, I realized that the food in the freezer and fridge was spoiled. Rotten meat,eggs,etc. is something I never want to clean up again. The blood from the meat in the freezer, ran all the way down inside the fridge. It smelled dreadful, and took a good month to get rid of the smell! I felt like I needed to do something more. I cleaned out all of our old clothes to donate, and took them to the donation center. I helped volunteer with the fire department, helping to clean up debris. I cried because seeing it in person is nothing like seeing it on the news. So this made me realize something.... why do most of us wait until a tragedy happens to try and do a good deed? Why do we all not volunteer more often? Why don't we donate to the needy more? I have made it a point in my life to be a better person all the time,not just sometimes. Donate blood, donate food to the food bank. Donate old clothes, or anything no longer wanted to a charity. You never know who you are helping, or how much of an impact it makes on their lives.


                                         the line to get gas was over 2 miles long

                                              Shoal Creek
                                                 Shoal Creek
                                   items that my sister-in-law & I bought to donate to the storm victims
                                                      God Bless America!!!!
      Harvest,AL I took this photo while helping the fire department during storm clean up.
     This family was definitely grateful to be alive! This sign brought tears to my eyes!{Harvest,AL}

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Praying for Layla Grace

    This is a short blog I posted on Facebook Sunday March 6,2010  I am deleting it from my facebook page but still wanted to keep it. So I am posting it on here. Layla Grace passed away three days after I posted the blog on Facebook. From time to time I still find myself thinking of her.
    R.I.P. LAYLA GRACE November 26, 2007 - March 9,2010

    Praying for Layla Grace

    A few short weeks ago I read a post about this sweet little girl LAYLA GRACE. I don't know a whole lot about her other than she has Neuroblastoma, which is a form of cancer. She is only two years old.
     I have been keeping up with her condition via facebook as well as http://laylagrace.org/

    Layla is a remarkable little girl, who has touched my heart. Although I have never met her she has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. She seems like such a strong little girl, a fighter . Layla's parent's face a struggle just waking up each day. There are days when I complain about my kids having a ''bad day''. I started thinking that it was rather selfish of me. Just look at Layla's parents, I bet they would give anything to have her throwing a tantrum or two now and then.

    I have learned not to get so upset about the small things. Look at how strong her parents are being forced to be. I can't imagine the pain that's in their hearts right now. I cry every time I read about Layla Grace. I pray for a miracle to find its way to Layla. I pray for her family that they might find reason and comfort in all of what the past year has brought upon them. I think of her beautiful smile and pretty eyes in the photos I have seen of her in better days.
    I want to be angry with someone but I don't know who to be angry with. No child should ever have to go through what she has been through. Nor should any parent have to sit there and watch as their child slips away.
    I have shared her story with as many people as I can. Layla has opened my eyes.

    Colt has Autism so he has his days, but even his bad days are good days because of the fact that I get to  be with him and his sister. I get to hold them in my arms and hear their laughter. I get to hear them say ''I love you Mommy''! I have been so blessed with them. I cherish all the time I have been given with them. So the next time when I find myself  in a moment where I feel overwhelmed I will think of Layla Grace, and her story.
    I will hold my babies a little tighter from now on, I will love them even harder than I already do. I don't like to be a negative person, so when I hear people saying how horrible their lives are it upsets me so much. I think of Layla's family, and how hard their lives are right now. And I wish I could make people realize that the small stuff doesn't matter in the end. Life isn't about just existing it's about living and living it to the fullest extent possible. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so make the best of today. Don't let her story be a negative effect on you, take it all in and learn something from it like I did. I believe that even though as tragic as it is Layla was sent here by GOD. To teach a lesson, and it's a lesson that will never be forgotten.


    If you want to know more about Layla Grace and her story look up the site laylagrace.org or find the facebook page. Read her story, and when life throws something your way think of Layla and think about how blessed we all are to have had her story shared with us.