Friday, July 22, 2011

Spider . . . .

Normally the babies are up by 8. Princess  was still asleep well after 10, I figured I would just let her sleep. No harm in that right? When my sweet princess finally woke up {in a not so sweet mood} she didn't even want me holding her or touching her, or even talking to her. Which made me feel helpless. She sat in the floor crying, and peed on herself. She never does that. I kept asking her what was wrong & she said ''it hurts'' and showed me a large lump on her shoulder. I also noticed she was covered in a rash.

I immediately called her pediatrician. She was on vacation, and the other doctor was only going to be there half a day. The only appointment was at 11:15. Its a half hour drive, and it was already a quarter til. Plus I had to get the babies ready to go. I rushed to get them ready and in the car.

We got there and sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, then got called back to a room. The nurse came in to ask what was going on with her. I explained it to her. She left and we began the wait, which took a good half hour or longer. We made good use of the time by reading books, and fidgeting with the gadgets on the wall. The doctor finally came in and looked her over. He said that the lump on her shoulder was a spider bite, and the rash was due to an allergic reaction. He gave us the info. on what cream to use on the rash because it was itchy. And how much medicine to give her etc.

There is no telling when the actual bite occurred, since we have had a busy week. Botanical Gardens, Water park, shopping, who knows. It makes me think twice about wanting another tarantula! I will just stick the the memories of the one I had five years ago. I hope she is over it soon! I hate seeing my little angel like this!

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  1. JB,
    Hope baby is well now!

    Q: Was spider on our way or we were on spider's way!? ;)

    Pls. justify the title!!