Monday, July 18, 2011

Racism = stupidity

I went for a walk yesterday before going swimming with my family. I overheard a woman and her child outside. They were pretending to play out different scenario's. The daughter pretended to say ''hello'' to her mommy who was pretending to be a ''strange man''. The mother's response ''I'm a black man, why are you talking to a black man? We don't talk to black people''.

What is wrong with this world? Why would any parent teach their child that? Ive always said racism isn't something a person is  born with its something they are taught.  Racism is stupid, and in my opinion is the most severe form of stupidity. Simply to hate a person you don't even know because of their skin color? Or religion,sexuality,ethnicity..............its pretty stupid. There are bad people all over the world. There are bad white people, bad black people,bad purple people, just like every other race out there. Every race has its good and its bad. You can't judge a whole entire race based on a few bad people.

I'm not a racist person. I trust very few people. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at being someones friend. If your nice to me, I'm nice to you no matter what race,religion,sexuality. It's not my place to judge anyone based on those things. I don't see a person based on their color, I see them for who they are as a person based on their character. If they happen to be a good person, that's great! If not I'm not going to hate them. I simply choose to not let that person be a part of my life, because I don't want bad people around my children.


  1. I laughed at "bad purple people".
    This post is so true.
    Stupidity is out there, but do we really need to pass it down to the next generation??