Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doesn't mix well with alcohol

My  precious baby girl learned to swim Sunday night without having to hold onto anyone. I'm so very PROUD of her!!!! We had a couple of friends over this afternoon to join us for a swim. They were amazed at how independent she was acting. She doesn't want anyone to touch her or try to play with her. She is super proud of herself. We were enjoying ourselves so much. Colt got crabby and went upstairs to take a nap with his Daddy. Later on Jerry had to be at work so Colt came back to join us in the pool.

We were all having a good time. This guy who lives at our apartment complex came to the pool. He seemed friendly enough. We enjoyed a small conversation with him. He had a type of sports bottle with him with a blue liquid inside. I could smell a faint hint of alcohol. I wasn't certain so I didn't say anything right away.

He picked Shelby up {she is three years old and today was only her second day of swimming on her own} he launched her in the air and  threw her across the pool! (Watch out y'all mama bear is about to attack) He could have EASILY miscalculated and threw her on the edge of the pool and hurt her very bad! Not to mention the fact why the hell would you pick up a three year old whom you have never met and throw her????  By this time our friends had gone home, and a neighbor had joined us. He realized what a mistake he had made and apologized to both Shelby and I which was pointless because I was infuriated!

Our neighbor was holding both Colt and Shelby. I got out to call my husband. I forgot that he was in a meeting. So I called another officer. He was very nice and said he would be right there. I hung up the phone and then the drunk man was holding my son! WTF!!!! I said .....

me~I would appreciate it if you would stay away from my children.

drunk~ What?


drunk~ what's wrong with you? I'm not drunk!

me~ I'm not stupid yes you are so stay the hell away from my kids

He got out of the pool grabbed his towel, ipod and float and staggered off like an idiot.

The guy was being vulgar,rude, and was going to bust his head open if he continued to jump in the pool trying to land on his float or even worse hurt one of the five small kids that were in the pool!

The drunk guy left a can next to his chair. It was one of those four loko drinks! The officer arrived shortly after and by this time I looked up which apartment he lived in. The officer picked up the can and started towards the man's apartment.

Within five minutes he came back. He said the drunk man was in the process of walking back to the pool. He asked him for his i.d. the guy said sure and went inside his apartment and got  a military id. Turns out his name is Bryant he is 25 and he is a lieutenant in the Army. (his father is a Colonel  and brother is a lieutenant and  are both medical doctors for the Army) He was so drunk that he didn't even realize that in the short journey from the pool to his apartment he had injured himself. The officer asked him why his foot was gushing blood and he didn't even know it was bleeding. He advised Bryant that he should remain in his apartment and sleep it off because he was highly intoxicated at this point. The officer was very nice, and told me if there were any more problems to call him back on his cell.

We decided to stay at the pool for a while longer. Finally we had been in for well over four hours. I got the babies out cleaned and dressed. We ordered pizza, and by this time my husband was at home. All of a sudden we hear a pounding sound. It stops, then starts again. I step outside, and its the drunk beating on the downstairs neighbors door and peering through their windows. I went inside and told my husband. He went downstairs to deal with him. He tried to weasel his way out of it by saying 'you have a beautiful wife'' (hahahaha this guy is EXTREMELY DRUNK) My husband dealt with him and came back home to enjoy being with his family!

Alcohol and water don't mix. He could have easily hurt himself or an innocent child. I understand people wanting to have a good time,but this is ridiculous! STAY at home and get drunk if that's what you choose to do! Don't do it around children! I really hope he wakes up tomorrow and realizes what a complete fool he made of himself and apologizes. Not that it would matter. I hope that he gets his pool privileges taken away permanently! Or better yet doesn't get to renew his lease. It's sad that people can't enjoy a nice evening with their kids and friends because of stupid people like him. I'm still mad about the whole situation!

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