Monday, July 18, 2011

A day at the garden

Today I took the babies to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to see Tremendous Tree houses with a ''Splash''
  • We all had a blast! We were there for over five hours.
  • We took our time at each tree house, or water feature.
  • They have lots of new features.  I especially liked the ''storybook garden'', it reminds me of ''The Secret Garden'' {loved that book/movie as a child}
  • I made sure to put sunscreen on the babies, yet forgot to put it on myself. So I look like a lobster! 
  •  If you are ever in the Huntsville area, make sure to stop by there. It's a blast & so worth it!
  • Anyways here are a few photos from our adventures at HBG today!

                                                 Ships Ahoy Treehouse
                                                        Waterlilly garden
                               I have no idea what flower this is but I really like it!
                                                             clover flowers
                                          ''Not in Kansas Anymore'' Treehouse
                                                      Inside the butterfly house
                                                       Monarch butterfly
                                                            lazy turtle
                                               found this turtle digging a burrow
They have a cage full of beautiful canaries. This one managed to get stuck under this container. I told the employee's there & they saved him! Yay!
This is a beautiful flower. Really reminds me of the flower in the movie Tangled!
                                                 The Three Little Bear's bed's
                                                         Sunflower maze
                                                   The Storybook Garden


  1. Love it! The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books/movies too!
    These are great pics! I especially love the three bears' beds. :)

  2. JB,
    Cool pix!
    Correction... i think the clover flower is not it!
    Its leaves don't look right! >bk from googlin'>
    I its 'Globe amaranth' or 'Bachelor button'! i recon this from back home in S'India. This one does not fade or change color when its dry. In local dialect its "Vaadamalli" roughly translates to 'non-drying-jasmine'. Its used in garlands and boquet! beautiful one! i might try getting one of those plants for ma collection, in addtion to Jasmine ;)


  4. google is cool! upload a pix, search for one look-alike!

    Enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. G you are correct lol I was wrong but I still don't know what it is