Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Date Night! Yeah!

My husband and I had a rare date night. A friend offered to keep the babies. Jerry had already taken off work so that he could stay home with the babies, while I was to attend the monthly Rocket City Mustang Club meeting. So since we had a free sitter we made the most of it and went to a concert.

It was at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It was to benefit Tools For Schools. {Its a local organization that takes up school supplies and distributes them to the kids who wouldn't normally be able to afford them}

Admission was a donation of school supplies. We each took a bag, each bag had the same items.

We were excited to see The Eli Young Band, The JaneDear Girls, and Steve Holy!
I have always loved the song ''Good morning beautiful'' by Steve Holy. I got a little teary eyed listening to him sing it in person {he was only feet away from us}, while holding my husband's hand.  It was an awesome concert! We even ran into a couple of friends from the mustang club, who also ditched the meeting!

After the concert we went to dinner at T.G.I. Friday's. We have been going there for six years, its always our first choice! So occasionally they will throw in a discount! Its nice to know that being a loyal customer is appreciated! Its rare these days! Our dinner was free! 

    The Eli Young Band
                                                  The JaneDear Girls
                                  Danelle Leverett of The JaneDear Girls
                                     Susie Brown of The JaneDear Girls
    Steve Holy

  • Free concert + free dinner + date night = AWESOME!!!!


    1. That is awesome! I wish they did things like that here! Lucky!! ;)
      Glad you and Jerry finally got a date night! :)

    2. What kind of fun stuff is there to do around your house? I've been wanting to visit :)