Thursday, January 26, 2012

January aka not so FUNuary ....

Sunday January 15th I woke up dizzy as can be. I couldn't even open my eyes. I would drag myself out of bed to go to the bathroom and getting up would make me vomit like crazy. I had never felt so horrible. I stayed in bed until around 1pm. I got up and tried eating something, only to throw up again. My husband made me go to the hospital. Thankfully Nessa was over and could stay home with the babies.

After several hours and tests later they diagnosed me with vertigo. The doctor gave me a prescription and released me. I would much rather have 10 more cesareans than feel  that sick again. The prescription made me soooo sleepy that for the next three days that's just about all I did. My friend Lisa covered the RCMC meeting for me since I was in no condition to go or even drive for that matter. Thankfully it went away, and hopefully it won't happen again.

Tuesday night my husband and I were in our bedroom folding the laundry that I had just taken out. (isn't he sweet for helping me?) All of a sudden I hear a gosh awful scream coming from my three year old daughter. I immediately knew something was wrong. I met her halfway down the hall. First thing I see is that her beautiful blond hair is soaked in blood! I picked her up and she had already stopped crying. She is such a tough little girl! I was still  in full panic mode though!

I knew she probably needed stitches so I quickly got her & myself dressed as we had already gotten ready to go to bed. I just grabbed the first things I could see, threw them on and grabbed her favorite stuffed animal and ran out the door.

She however wanted to show our neighbors her bloody mess of hair before we went. I was thinking seriously how can this child be so calm and not crying after busting her head open? I didn't stop though, I quickly got her into her car seat and literally flew to the hospital. Once I got there I realized that she had passed out, which made me freak out. It took me a minute or two to get her to wake up. It was cold so that helped out I'm sure.

I got her inside and she was still bleeding. I filled out her form, they weighed her took all her vitals etc. and immediately took us back to a room. A few short minutes later a nurse came in to  look at her head. Then the nurse put this clear numbing gel onto the gash. About 20 minutes later the doctor came in and looked it over and said it needed staples! WHAT???? A few staples later we were being discharged. On the way out we ran into an EMT we know. He said what are y'all doing here, and I just pointed at Miss Graceful! So then he had to look too.

So it turns out that my son and daughter had pushed the step stool against my son's dresser and they were both standing on the stool. And somehow made the dresser wiggle enough to where a painting I made for my son's room fell off the dresser and hit her in the head. Needless to say it's found a new home!

So tomorrow is Friday and will be 10 days since her accident & getting her staples. She has an appointment with her pediatrician to have them removed. She is a little worried because she thinks it will hurt, and sadly it will hurt a little. Poor baby. I just hope it goes smoothly tomorrow!

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