Thursday, September 15, 2011


The cake the babies picked out for their Daddy.

  • Yesterday was my husbands birthday. I let the kids pick out his birthday cake.
  • Today was my mother and father-in-law's wedding anniversary.
  • I have a major stress headache! Anyone care to give me a massage?
  • My step-daughter is 2cm dilated, she was sent home though. I still think we will have a baby within the next few days! I can't wait to meet him & hold him. Her second baby shower is Sunday, so lets hope he stays in there until at least Monday.
  • I went to a meeting today at the Ford dealership about the car show next week. I'm so excited that everything is coming together. T-shirts were designed & ordered, they arrived today! We have plenty of things to stuff the goody-bags with. I order the trophies tomorrow. Dash plaques are finished. I still have door prizes to collect from local businesses. Tomorrow I go get new tires put on the trailer (we use it to store our equipment in) So with all of the club stuff going on I feel like my head is spinning in circles.
  • I went to the hospital today to visit my friend. She was getting ready to be released. Since it was an emergency cesarean she was put to sleep, and by the time she was awake her baby was already in another hospital's NICU.  So first thing she was heading over to the other hospital to visit her little miracle.Visitor's aren't allowed unless the parent(s) of the baby are there. So hopefully Saturday I can go visit. I didn't want to go today or tomorrow, because I know she will want to spend time alone with the baby since she hasn't even seen her yet. I can't wait to meet her! I have seen pictures, she is so tiny and beautiful! I'm going to make her lots of pretty pink sparkly things tomorrow. She has a long journey ahead of her, so please continue to pray for her. I made a prayer page for her on Facebook so please ''like'' it and post a message of support to her family.
  • Here is the link!/pages/Prayers-for-Amaya-Faith/257419037631643
  • I am extremely sleepy. My husband is still at work. I can't sleep without him. Its 1am and I still have an hour before he will be home.
  • I started this blog several hours ago, but because I am bored I keep clicking on ''edit post'' and adding random thoughts to it.

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