Thursday, September 1, 2011

A surprise homecoming

This afternoon Sissy texted me. She wanted to know if we were going to be home. My husband was in the bed sleeping because he had to wake up at 8pm to take a shower so that he could go to work at 9pm. Our son crawled in bed too,but never went to sleep.

 I proceeded to finish cleaning the house. So later on my daughter and I decided to go sit outside. We hadn't been out there long at all. Maybe 5-10 minutes at the most. She had just reached for her bucket of sidewalk chalk so that we could draw pretty pictures together. I was focused on her at ground level. I noticed someone walk up behind her and just stop & stand there. A man obviously due to the clothing. I said  to my daughter ''baby move so he can get by''.

 It wasn't until she got up to move that I looked up at the guy. I thought it was someone going to see our neighbor. I looked at his face. I stared at him. It took several seconds for it to sink in. It was my step-son Mickey!!!! I was in shock!

I reputedly said OMG OMG OMG!!!! He gave me the biggest warmest hug ever. One of those really good ''I missed you hugs''

We haven't seen him in months! In fact I think January was the last time he was home. He is in the Air Force & in stationed on the west coast.

Since my husband was sleeping I didn't want to just go open the bedroom door & say hey Mickey is here. Instead I made it interesting!

I opened the bedroom door.
I walked over to the bed.

 ME- ''hey babe, wake up. There is a police officer at the door and he needs to talk with you''.
Hubby-What? A police officer? Well what does he want?
ME- I don't know he just said that he needs to speak with you.
Hubby- quickly gets out of bed and puts on a shirt

I had walked back into the living room. My husband and son then walked into the living room. He too was in shock. It took him a few seconds before he let out a loud MICKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Which was followed by a really awesome hug!

Haha! Sissy tricked me, I tricked my husband. I tricked Nessa.

We all sat down & started to catch up on everything. It was so great to see him. it was almost unreal.

I know how much my step-daughter Nessa has been missing him and wanting to see him.
I then called Vanessa's mother & told her what was going on. I told her to tell Vanessa to get ready & I was on the way over to pick her up.

I drove over there and she got in the car. 
Vanessa- Why does Dad want me to come over there?
Me- I don't know he just told me to come and get you

We get back home and I put my hands over her eyes so that she couldn't see in the windows.
Shelby opened the door. I then took my hands away from Nessa's eyes.
She stood there looking at him for a few seconds. She then ran over to him and screamed MICKEYYYY!!!!!

She was a very very happy girl. It seems that all of us had a delayed reaction & it had to sink in. It was so awesome getting to see him. We are all thankful for this day & the time that we shared with him. We have missed him so very much!
The text after I realized how sneaky she was : )
Mickey & Nessa

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  1. Beautiful family,
    Beautiful story!

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