Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

I haven't been on here in a few weeks. I'm sure I have missed a lot of good posts. There are also a lot of things I wanted to blog about, but unfortunately didn't get to. So lets play catch up ...................

It has been a year since the murder of my friend Stephen Harlow Williams. I was able to go to his viewing, but not the funeral because I was going out of town. I still haven't made it to see his grave yet, although I would like to. I really don't even know where it is. I've heard that the trial is supposed to start soon. Other than that I know nothing. He was a beautiful person inside and out. I still have the messages saved that he sent to me. The messages contain nothing important, its just nice to have them. I miss his beautiful eyes, and hearing his voice. I still pray for his family. I know this past year has been more than a challenge for them. I still think of him often. I can hear any song by Taylor Swift and instantly think of him. Especially her song ''Hey Stephen'' which is a great song. His favorite number was 13, I think it is odd that he passed away on October 13th.

Stephen Harlow Williams March 20,1986 ~ October 13, 2010
It has been three years since Brandon Allen Koch was killed in a car accident. He was on his way to work when it happened. We weren't close friends but he was still a friend. He had the cutest dimples, and he could always make me laugh.  We have lost so many of our friends who all went to the same school. When I think about how many have actually passed away it is a scary number. I don't always understand why these things happen, but I do know it is part of God's plan.

                                                           TheBand Perry ''If I die young''

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  1. Beautiful post. I can't believe they're both gone. Two of the sweetest guys we went to school with. It's just not fair.