Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Am I insane????

Last week my  lovely package that I ordered for myself arrived, aka the INSANITY workout program.
I couldn't wait until Monday to get started! So finally Monday arrives, and I wake up ready to defeat day one of the program, which was the fit test. I didn't do as bad as I thought I would. I absolutely loved it!

So today I woke up a little sore from yesterday's workout. I was still determined to start and finish day two, which happened to be plyometric cardio circuit! Turns out I was more sore than I realized. Still I put the disk in the dvd player and started. I got to the point where my legs felt like they were a thousand pounds. I pushed myself through it, and now I'm so sore I don't even want to attempt tomorrow's session. I know I will still attempt to do day three anyways. We only have sixteen days until our trip, so that's sixteen days I can be doing an ass kicking program!

I've already quit drinking sodas and junk food. It's amazing how I went from craving such bad things to such good fresh healthy things. All week I've been eating salads, and grilled meats, and drinking water. YAY me! So excited to see my results from doing this program!

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